HOE STORY: How I slept with 2 Guys Under 24hours

HOE STORY: How I slept with 2 Guys Under 24hours

Why are you guys so decietful? I got a text from my boyfriend whom we had a fight some 3 days back saying i should come over to his house asap that his mum his around. I have been wanting to see his momma because he speaks a lot about her each time we are together. This is what caused our fight! I quickly took a shower, and left for my boo’s place without putting on any makeup. 
On getting there, i couldnt believe my eyes when i got to house. It was all a prank. “I just wanted to see you”, he said. “have missed you and Us”, he concluded looking straight into my eyes. I didnt know when i burst into laughter! I didnt know when he landed me a kiss on my lips. He kissed me softly and passionately. He held me tight with his hands on my ass, and continued. ” i have missed you”, i murmured.
I began to moan harder as he moved his hands to lower region of my body. He moved his mouth to my breast and began sucking it gently. “You are animal” , i uttered quietly. He was increasing the force of his finger inside my clit and i moaned harder. I was wet. 
He went inside me immediately. “Hurh hurrh hurh “, i sounded. It was indeed a makeup sex!
On getting home, i met my ex-boyfriend in front of my door. He has been on my neck for weeks, begging and faking a cry to get back to him. I keep telling him that am in a relationship already and i cant cheat. He brought me gifts i wouldnt think of rejecting and told him to come in. I wish i hadnt. 
I went inside to refreshen myself up and later came out to attend to the idiot. He stood up before i could think of moving two steps. He pinned me to the wall, looked straight into my eyes and told me words have not heard in centuries. My ex is a sweet talker, i guess thats why i fell for him at first. 
He gave me an irrestitible kiss on lips. I wanted to give him a dirty slap but i couldnt. He continued kissing me till i gave him a go ahead reply. He slowly moved me while kissing me to the dinning table and went inside me. It was a fast quickie, i didnt forsee. Thats how i had sex with 2 guys under 24 hours. 

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